Life is a mess, but it teaches us a lot of important stuffs. It's not about being a loser rather after losing how many times you tired to stand up to fight back.

I am a developer but that doesn't mean I can't blog duh!! :P
Well the truth is I'm bit upset from some recent experiences and I blog when I'm upset. The idea of blogging is really interesting, none really cares about you or what happen in your life but for an instance they stop by to peek if your life is much more disturbing then their.

This is what I do every single day

I code. Yes, I do. So what?!
Why you people are so much bothered about me coding whole day long? I cook my own food, I don't see you cooking my food. So just let me do what I like. You are not me, are you? Neither am I? It's not like you can't be me but I will be me myself.

Sometimes I wake up early in the morning(3/4 am), nightmare and stuffs, so I just take my phone keep using facebook for an hour or so to just get few intel mostly news and daily dose on what's going on where until I see feeds/posts from past days. Facebook seems more like a medium for news to me, get most of the stuffs from there.

Try to take a nap after that but can't, well simply can't. So I take my best friend (laptop) out and start (coding)doing that really makes me happy.

Yes coding whole day doesn't make me tired but gossiping a min makes me sleepy.

The truth is, there's two set of people who likes gossiping, one who is jobless and the second is rich bugger, sometimes they just spoil the mood. They are living a miserable life being completely dependent on their parent at the age of 20 or so and instead of working hard and make some good use of the opportunity that they have got, they are busy wasting other's time and degrading other's efforts. Yeah got it you are jobless, no comment.

The important stuff here is you do your work, let other do their

I chosed to be a developer and that's totally my choice, I write code whole day that's because I have some responsibilities. My life isn't as pleasant as your.