“Life is short hence time is less but dreams are big, to achieve success either run wild or learn parallel processing”

This article is about me on how everything gets changed over the time. I would like to start off by introducing myself first. I am silverFoxA, an android developer and web developer, a programmer, coder and a software developer, a designer too by passion. I want to be an entrepreneur and want to have a company which will change your world up side down with virtual reality on the top most layer.

         I was an average kid who belongs to a middle class family, just like any other average kid from a middle class family I too dreamt big, which seems to be impossible at that point of time when I had no resources or exposure to anything to which my dreams relate to, where all other kid of my age was exposed to the new era of internet and advancement of computation knowledge. The strive to explore more information helped me polish my skills and gave me a new vertex in life. It gave me the ability to shape anything into an interactive piece of art, hence opened a way for me to express myself to the world. I found the skill to be promising in shaping my life to achieve my goal and drive me one step ahead as a designer, an artist most importantly a dreamer. It gave me an opportunity to fill most part of my life and I tried making myself perfect in that field.

“...Your work will fill most part of your life... – Steve Jobs”

Now the speech by Steve Jobs makes sense to me in the right context. It became my passion then, which made me learn a lot in both educational and day-day aspects of life, I was awarded in multiple drawing competitions where I took part, which made me as well as my family happy, also gave me the eagerness to learn and explore more.

In earlier part of my life I was not focused in my dreams, but it is the only thing which made me keep going forward. As a designer, I was fond of creativity hence all the times I used to imagine the world in my own way. One fine day I dreamt of how the world should be, where everyone will be happy, all will have time for themselves and for their family the most and more, which is possible now only because of the era of internet. That one dream changed my entire life.

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough”

Earlier I planned on joining game development courses after my high school in which I was most interested back then, but at the end moment I decided to choose what I dreamt off and took Computer Science Engineering as the domain, where I had no idea about the programming language and no basic about computation other than using the system and it’s the truth believe me or not.

“You will never know what surprise life will through at you”

Hence I have started learning everything from scratch by myself most of the content mainly the languages which will help me bring the dream to reality. Today I am in a position where I have advanced one-fifth of the path to my dream which not just includes programming skills but also the concept to entrepreneur skills which I wouldn’t have achieved if I were not come across a close friend “Irfan Ali”, he dragged me into most of the important content which gave me exposure to the corporate world, which gave me a clear overview of what I need to understand.

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