On 29th October 2015 TechSparks hackathon was organised by Yourstory, where the hackers are to overcome the challenges faced by the common problem in day-day basis as well as improve the experience and functionality of the sponsor's api, where the sponsors are Exotel, Reverie, Loginext, dailyhunt and teamchat.

This particular event was completely new experience for me, well to be precise it was the wierdest experience of this year. In this event we were not supposed to inevent anything, it was meant only for helping them clearing out the bugs that their technology has and try to improve it, which we came to know a little later also it was too late for us when we realised the fact. We were told to use any one of the api within our product, so we decided to use "TeamChat" api. As per their introduction it was told to us about the way it can be helpful and have been mentioned that the app can be build for all the platform but it was not told to us that the operation will be taken place in the server but not on the system hence we can not integrate the SDK to our product where we planned to make our own messenger with the bot integration from the teamchat. Later by that I mean after almost 2-3 hrs we came to know that the teamchat sdk can not be integrated to the android platform and we are to code the bot, hence customise the bot, I have no interest in criticising anyone but to be honest it was a rough experience for us. Once we realised if we use their api we will be completely restricted to what they want, we decided to go with our plan and move to a new api.

We were not happy with our performance because of that incident we broke totally, we somehow completed that task and returned home. One more thing that happended that very day was that our team broke where Me and Irfan left.