On 10th and 11th October 2015 CAMTech Diabetes Innovation Hackathon was organised in collaboration with Lattice Inovation to deal with diabetes with the help of technology by 350 entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, engineers and medical experts. The event is being hosted by US-based Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies

The main purpose of this hackathon was to design and prototype a solution with proper business plan to deal with diabetes with htechnology.
Challenges :
  • Recording and reporting of blood glucose measurements
  • Giving dietary advice to Indian patients
  • Enabling diabetes triage – across patients, paramedics & doctors
  • Enabling diabetic patients to access social support
  • Raising awareness around retinopathy and diabetes
  • Educating patients on acceptable blood sugar levels
  • ...
It was an awesome experience back there at Indian School of Business. Although we couldn't make it but it was worth a try than simply thinking about it and doing nothing.

We (Team - Elpha, product - Dia-LivMe) tried to solve the problem of educating (awareness)the people about diabetes, recording and reporting blood glucose, dietry advice, enebaling the patient to access social support as well as identifying foot ulcer.I still believe, we could have won the competition but because of lack of understanding between us and misplaced of keypoints in the presentation we loose the competition. But winning and loosing is a part of life so I strongly believe that the same situation won't come to our team in near future. We have big plans on making it a framework rather than just a solution. We want it to help both patient and clinician in all manners.

Result : We Lost the competition but learnt many things