Bangalore to Hyderabad, was a work cum trip for us.I was thrilled as I never went anywhere alone by that I mean I was not allowed to move out without family members with me also it was the first time I visited Hyderabad. It was a small vacation within the busy college schedule to explore few new places as well as gain some ideas. The trip was pretty much as we expected if we leave the odds that we came accross. In this post I would like to share my own experience througout the trip. On 8th October 2015 we got on bus, to Hyderabad direct. We also planned to discuss over the night regarding the plans we will be executing for the next day, but unfortunately I was not in shape to response them or even be in the conversation. So we basically decide on what to do for the hackathon and came up with the basic overflow. I slept off early as usual and Dilip and Irfan were talking among themselves before they went to sleep.

The next day early morning we reached our destination, Gachibowli at around 8 o'clock. We got down started looking for a shelter checked online but there was no nearby hotels or lodge to go. So we were roaming here and there to look for a place to stay and was reluctant to take help from the auto drivers as they were ready to loot you. After searching for more than an hour we had no other option but to ask a person who knows. The funniest part that happened was we called only one auto driver to enquire after that one after one came in, almost 20, I had no idea what was happening. Later a auto driver came whom we spoke to before but wass not interested that time but now we had no choice but to take help from him. He drove us to a nearby hotel. It was not five star but atleast we had a place to stay. So we settled down took our time to fresh up. As the next day is our hackathon we had only this day to roam around Hyderabad.We had no proper plan orplaces to visit, so Dilip asked the hotel receptionist what all are the nearby places to visit, he told all the places will be nearby one another and it's almost 5 km from the place we are stayimg. So we made a short plan that first we will go to Birla Temple from there we will go to Charminar but if it's around 1:45 which when Irfan needs to go to mosque, so we will go to a nearby place. Tha was the plan we made. So we walked to the main road in order to have breakfast, but unfortunately that wasn't Bangalore there people won't start up the shops before 11Am I have no idea why. So we got on bus and decided whereever we see resturant we will get down from the bus, luckily they had the daily pass system there as well. So we got down near a resturant, initially I thought the food to be super good but later realised it's not that good other than the pickel, it was something different but tasted very good. After having breakfast we moved to Birla mandir which was near to us moreover Dilip wanted to visit, I was excited for anything it's new to me.

Birla mandir is awesome in one word, it's so beautiful but the most beautiful part of it is the view that you get to see from the top most part allowed to go in the temple. From there you get to see almost the entire Hyderabad, crystal clear. Unfortunately for us they didn't allow us to take phones so people can't capture the shot to show people, well thats good right? If you want to feel and experience the awesomeness about Birla mandir just give a visit. One thing I will warn you about take precautions when walking the stairs to all the way up hahaha it's because you are not allowed to wear shoes or chappals etc. so you have to go barefoot and the ground is nt soil,it's mostly concrete moreover so shiny sun just imagine the rest on your own. From there we moved out affter talking few selfies and pictures. It was almost 1:45, as per the plan we are to go to a mosque, so we thought let's go to Charminar there's plenty of mosque but buses from the current location to charminar is very rear. So we searched for a nearby mosque and we went there. Irfan was worried that it might start by 1pm but luckily its the same time there too, unluckily me and Dilip had to spent two hours there as irfan went in and we were sitting outside. In order to utilise that time we started discussing about the plan and things we are supposed to do. One thing was clear to me that for particularly this hackthon our team co-ordination was nearly zero. We had no team cor-ordination, all had different mindset and all were thinking differently on the same. We discussed a lot and came to a conclusion for the time being meanwhile irfan came in. We shared a glimpse of what we discussed. It was almost 2 o'clock and we were super hungry yet we decided we will go to Charminar and will have our lunch there nearby. The place is new to all of us and because of not knowing the place we rerouted few times, but the pepole of hyderabad is very kind that i have to say, in each and every places they helped us no thanks to the auto driver though. But the people there take too much of risk for time they value their time a lot, because of time they can jump from a running bus to even catching a running bus. Anyway we reached charminar, now what? well we were hungry in the first place, not enough cash to go to a big shot resturant, so we went to a middium resturant ordered chicken biryani well it's popular there right? yeas we ordered and guess what, our Ambur dum biryani is better compared to that and that was too costly because of nothing just because it's hyderabad they charged us like anything. After having that awful lunch we visited Charminar. It was an awesome place I have to say I mean not that crowded place but the charminar itself. How does people of early days used to have so much creativity which is unable to see in the people now a days.

So far everything was good. It was around 5 o'clock, Dilip suggested let's go to Golconda temple, which was again 7-8km from the place were in that time. I was fine with it, we got on bus directly to Golconda. But the closing time for Golconda is 5:30 Pm anyway we had no other choice by that i mean we had to go that way as our place is close to Golconda. SO we went there and it was around 7Pm also the bus conductor told us there's no direct buses to our place and we missed the place where we should be to go. I was scared as it was night and we were not knowing where to go so I suggested that anyway there's nothing to see here now so why don't we go back home moreover no point in wasting time now as we are tired and need rest because the next day is big for us. SO we came back to the spot where we should be, well comming back was not easy though. THose auto drivers were taking advantage of our situation ad charged twice the price it should be. Meanwhile in road while comming also that guy took more people as if it was a shared auto but he won't listen, we didn't speak much as left as it was. Came to the Tolichowki bus stand from there we took direct bus. The people in the bus helped us a lot I would have to say in informing us where to step down. We got down near Telecom nagar where we took some food for dinner. So that was it, had fun learnt a lot of thing, experienced a lot.