I am a programmer and I'm new to this field believe it or not, but it's a passion for me, for many it might be just another toy to play with. Hackthon is a new field of interest, I was not aware of it's importance until I joined one. Well sometimes you don't need to win everything but you need to analyse and increase your networks as well as boraden your thinking ability, where hackathon is one of the best places I have found. It helps you interact with the leaders (Higher Officials) to all crazy geek people to HR, all under the same shell.

It was a complete new experience for me as everything around me seems to be new. Thanks to my buddies Irfan and Dilip for taking me along. It was a thrilling experience that I had and was worth my time.

Let me share some of the crazy things I felt to be interesting.

The very moment we entered the Hall we could hear people taking about their ideas, some were busy discussing about the prize money and the IP(which means a lot) and few were busy downloading updates (I'm one of those in later part, hahaha ). We entered the and a hackathon member(Philips member) reached us and asked us to register our team name. We did and sit on the center desk, Irfan was asking us lets move somewhere else in the sides as he didn't wanted people to look at our codes or our progress. Dilip told that most probably they will change in the later stage of the hackathon.

Mr. Srinivas Prasad (CEO - Philips Innovation campus) entered the hall and addressed us about the importance of the hackathon as well as what they are expecting us to invent or create. From his small speech we gathered few important points and noted down. One of those points which I remember is "App Concentric", so we understood basically they are looking for a medileware to filter all their data.He has also mentioned all the temas will get every possible support from the technical team who will be our mentors. After his small yet descriptive speech the mentors explained us about their platform i.e HSDP (HealthSuite Digital Platform) and also taught us about how to implement the same within our solution. We discussed among ourselves for a while regarding what we should do as we preplanned to make a dashboard on top of Django framework which they clearly mentioned we can't use. So we got scared and was bit frustrated. But we can make the solution as an IOS or Android or HTML based application. That was a plus point for us as I'm an Android application developer but Irfan was bit dissapointed as we focused on Django and couldn't work on it, it was clearly visible on his face. Myself and Dilip didn't tell him that because if we tell he might feel bad about it.

I would like to thank all the mentor very much for their help, which helped us a lot in building the solution.

Almost two hours went by we couldn't come to a conclusion. The judges would come to us and ask what is our plan we used to tell what we planned on doing but they would say everyone is doing the samething so try to do something unique find out the key point. Meanwhile the other people around will listen to what we have planned and we would be hearing here and there people are planning to work on the same thing. The funniest part of all is that whatever we plan on doing and we will be talking among ourself, just after a minute or two someone else will be taking about the same to implement within their solution. It made us angry in one point of time where whatever we spoke all wants to dig into it and we had no new things to talk about.

So we decided to take all the parameters in our hand and code it all. After sometime we felt it's not necessary. In order to take some rest we went out of Vivanta, and relaxed for while, roaming here and there posted a facebook post to tease our friends as within 2 days time we were supposed to write internal exam and we three were coding overnight. We got back and started from scratch. Irfan suggested lets look into all the personas(paramteres given to us) and decide on whom we should work and I will start working on the UI meanwhile.We had dinner, the food was delicious.We came back started brainstorming, after some times of digging the given document Irfan suggested lets work on Mark( One of the parameters). Meanwhile Dilip was wondering what's going on, what are we going to do as completely was based on analytics so i could understand a bit but not much, I was also wondering what should we work on.It was almost midnight we were all sleepy yet we had nothing to work on we were unable to finalise on what we should work on as all seems to be working on the same concept.

Then we thought if we simply sit back it's not going to help us rather we should split up the work and atleast complete half of the framework overnight. We decided Irfan wil do the Analysing of data, Dilip give us all ideas and resources he can gather from all around and meanwhile I will work on the app. At one point I got so frustrated as the element I was working on was new to me moreover the platform was causing so much problem. Somehow I managed to escape out of the error(it took me almost half an hour). All of us were working hard on our given field meanwhile Dilip kept his windows upgeading (because of which the wifi speed went down, lucky me by that time I have already updated my phone OS hahaha)

We worked entire night without a sleep and by the start the day, we basically had the backbone of our solution.We took some time rest, went out had wonderful breakfast and again got back to our work. Now is the time which was crucial for us where we needed to have a business module as well as a presentation. Dilip and Irfan was working on it, I couldn't as it was not my cup of coffee.

The time come when he had to present our solution. We pushed Irfan to give the presentation as I have stage fear and Dilip was unaware of our solution completely. We did good the presentation, it was unique as we presented in proper manner with an working demo and Irfan explained properly about the complete structure of our solution.

Finally the time came when they were about to declare the prize, Dilip said we will win this. I had no experience in this field so I can't tell on which basis he told. I was holding my breathe, they announced the second runners up, it was not us, then I thought maybe we are the first runners up, yet no. Then Mr. Srinivas asked guess who won, a person sitting next to me shouted "Big Data" so I thought Ok done, let's pack up, but out of the blue he told "The winner is DashUp", I was thinking are you serious? We all smilied looked at ourself and was very happy about it. At last all the hard work paid off.