On 25th and 26th of September,2015 Philips Digital Heltcare Hackathon was organized by Philips Digital Healthcare Conclave 2015 and NextBigWhat powered by Philips Innovation Campus Bangalore.

The goal of the hackathon was to design and prototype an app that supports the collection and communication of health care data (clinical, consumer and environmental) to enable better-informed clinical decisions, more personalized care, and improve and benefit healthcare services in the country.Using Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform(HSDP).
Challenges :-
  • Elder care (Healthcare at home)
  • Care Coordination
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Consumer Engagement (motivate, make it sustainable, and give feedback)
  • Employee Wellness
  • Solution for the challenges we came up with was for Employee Wellness.

I would like to thank all the mentors for their help and wonderful behaviour toward us. They never said no when we asked them questions rather they were exhilarated to reply us back with all the possible resourceful answers and solutions as well.


We (Team - Elpha, product - DashUp ), found "Employee wellness" to be very interesting because of certain condition where the maximum users is one of the constraints. We have been given six "personas" all were having their own unique health issues and the document was well described in vivid manner as well as to the point. We choose one of the personas called "Mark", who was an employee, his healt issue was his weight because of the rank he got. His job was not active hence he gained a lot of weight over the year. He lives along with his friends, all were suffering from the same health issues.

Our work was to make him healthy and keep him motivated all the time to continue all the work and gym activities or any other activities he used to do to lose his weight.

So we came up with a solution which can keep track of Mark's healthy condition and use peer pressure logic to keep him motivated. We have big plans to upgrade this project and convert it to a product.

RESULT : We won the Philips Digital Helthcare Hackathon 2015