This is my very first android application. The idea of making the following app came to me out of blue. After learning Java I planned on getting into Android Developement as it was new to me then and I was very much interested. So I statrted working on it on July. Being an undergraduate has it's own benefit as well as drawbacks, one of the major drawback is lack of time because of the internals as well as the assignments. Out of the busy schedule I used to work during the ongoing sessions, break time as well as at night as long as I could, it was fun even more then attending the session.

        There was a day when I was also a noob to git and a crazy thing happend. Well when you are new to a field few crazy stuff will happen which helps you understand the poblem more and will tell you a simplified way to do it in next phase of the operation or developement. The crazy thing was that I don't used to add all my source files to git as I wasn't aware of it back then, so one day by mistake I have refractored a system keyword which spoiled my entire code. As I didn't have the entire source code because i wasn't adding the new files created to git I was so depressed and frustrated. So that night I had an wonderful opportunity to work all night and completed the code back from scratch, I was bit lucky too as that time the app was only 1/4.


Let's get back to where we were.
What is ExpenseDroid? ExpenseDroid is an expense manager which helps you to keep track of your spendings more seamlessly with an userfriendly and elegant interface.The app take inputs dynamically and displays it in a statistical manner in the form of graphs, charts and map, which makes easy for you to understand and analyse your spendings more precisely. It also includes some in-app widget like currency converter and stock exchange to make it easier for you to get all details in one app.

This app is meant for managing the expense precisely. There might be thousands of expense app out there in the Google play market so how is it different? Well those apps are not made as a project by some undergraduates as the very first testing app.. kidding, this app is different in terms of UX i.e user experience as well as the UI and its still developing hence we plan on putting numerous ways to ease your effort in managing your expense, with this app you get to know where you have spent, the precise location, what you bought with sub categories as well as multimedia for now it supports only pictures, trips- where you get to know what all you have done, goals- it shows you a guided way to save your money in order for you to get some items that you wish to get.


I as the developer don't plan on monetising the app by selling the icons or any new features that we will be adding on the go, so whatever we add all will be free to users. The app is completely free and upgradable based on user's feedback.